Thorntonloch Gallery – Pictures submitted by residents and visitors.

If you have a photograph you want us to publish here just email it to and we will rotate the photos shown here.

A few photos from the night the Northern Light graced our skies – Click here to view -> Northern Lights


A few photographs from our members and guests. Thanks Heather and Chris.



Sunset from Torness Point taking in the Lifeboat – Thanks to Nicki for this spectacular photo

  We also get the Haar!  Watch out for pirates!!     


This is us, well the part with the Caravans!


The Cottage Garden

Gateways to many beach adventures.


The waves here are a favourite with surfers, body-boarders and windsurfers.

  A great place for kids to get used to the waves.

Our own tropical view.


Colourful wildlife to be found.

Just as colourful plant life.


The rock pools are great to explore, be gentle and replace the sea-life carefully!

The John Muir Walk

Some more of our spectacular outlook.


We do a great sunset and moon rise also!!

Pics of Local Attractions 

Innerwick Castle

The Stacks and arches



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